Daniela Kissova (Bulgaria)

Coach ICF PCC / Mentor


English, Russian, Bulgarian

Personal profile:

Daniela is an internationally certified coach that comes from energy sector environment and international project management. She has business experience in two US Fortune 500 Companies in the energy sector in the roles of commercial management and corporate sustainability. As a developer of alternative power projects she was responsible for scoping  project opportunities and work in teams with banks and developers to initiate and close profitable projects in the area of wind, solar and waste products-based power. As a commercial officer for AES Bulgaria (a powerplant) Daniela  was responsible for client commercial contracts and special projects related to additional value commercialization. As a manager of the Bulgarian team for Chevron E and P she was responsible to stakeholders engagement and corporate relations with national players. Her role was in communications and engagement strategies development and internal sustainability.

Her coaching style is systemic and transformative: performance and leadership through re-alignment. Daniela partners with the client to create awareness of the whole system in which he/she operates, all relevant stakeholders, and what is needed to become the leader that they want to be. While she focuses on actual results, Daniela ensures that goals, plans, and processes connect with the deep ecology of the client. She supports high performance individuals to unlock their leadership resources and transition from operative positions to leading and motivating others through redirecting of focus and connecting. In the process the coachee goes through a path of deep awareness and learning with eventual growth as they understand how personal values and beliefs interact with the larger system(s). A key moment is (re)discovery of key needed resources.  She calls her coaching style “pattern coaching” where the client understands what stops them, regains power over the patterns that recur in his interactions, redirects energy, and realigns resources. The result is a deep shift towards flexibility, elevated motivation, and stronger performance through internal-external alignment.

Coaching specialisations:

  • Time management
  • Teams sustainability
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Business Performance

Clients :

  • Dundee Precious Metals (Bulgaria), Vivacom, Silver Ridge Power, Credit Land, Enery, Total, Zdraveto Hospital, Open Society Institute