Introductory session

Possible Scenarios

The following scenarios are basis for single focus or a portfolio of options to build from – Introductory as well as Executive Team Sessions.

1. Bridging our story and future

Understanding of our past, closing it and creating space and agreements necessary for steps towards the future.

2. Leading Change

Collective and individual efforts to make change stick.

3. Team Leadership

Aligning and mobilising as a team, building of strenghts, knowing each other back and forth, being ONE.

Key Outcomes
  • Building Team’s Vision of the program
  • Learning about each other
Actions / Tools
  • 1-2 days Executive Team Leadership workshop
  • Senior facilitator (coaching accreditation, business savvy)
  • Team Leadership Model, Leadership PipelineTM

8.500 PLN / 17.000 PLN (1 and 2 days)