Change Leadership Programtm

The program provides focus and support both for the team and individuals in their business and leadership challenges.

Helping the executive team to answer, agree and commit to the following questions: Who is US? Why are playing together? What is the name of the game that WE are playing together? How is this game scored? How gaining and loosing points works? How to WIN the game? The program may be provided as stand alone session as well as a team acceleration process.


Introductory Session

Phase 2


Executive Team Session

Phase 3


Executive coaching programs

Phase 4

What is the leadership team?

facylitacja - doświadczenie edukacyjne

Strong, competent team members

„A” class leaders, self-confident, „verified” in various conditions
facylitacja - sprawdzona metodyka

Co-creates company strategy

Strategic directions, frameworks for whole organisation aligned with international objectives
skuteczna facylitacją różnego typu spotkań

Defines and holds accountability

for setting long term objectives for departments/functions
Usługi facylitacji

Takes and executes decisions

highly impacting the effectiveness and growth of the company
Międzynarodowy zespół trenerów i facylitatorów

Individually and collectively sets an example

of operational standards, rules – creates culture
Facylitacja - programy szkoleniowe

Standardy xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Leadership Team Model

Vision Objectives

Relationship Climate

szkolenie coachwise

Rules Frameworks

Strategy RoadMap

Key areas for Leadership Team effectiveness for better: Understanding the dynamics, Self and Team Assessment, Priority setting,Tools and methods selection, Evaluation.

Change Leadership Program

Discovery PhaseExecutive team, leaders, team members
Introductory Session1 and 2 daysExecutive team, leaders, team members
Executive Team Session1 and 2 daysExecutive team, leaders, team members
Executive coaching programsDepends on the number of sessionsExecutive team, leaders, team members


Leadership Team Power, Leadership Team Model, Patrick Lencioni Model, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder.


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